Don't have a Mobileoke account?

Why ask your favorite bar to use Mobileoke?

  • Check to see if your bar has a song you want to sing-- from anywhere!
  • No app needed, no cost to you-- works with all major smartphones and browsers
  • Find songs just by typing in the song or artist name-- no more searching or lost pages
  • Browse for songs by genre
  • Create a personal list of favorite songs
  • Quickly see what new songs have been added
  • Rate your favorite songs-- or vote down the ones you hate

Why use Mobileoke for your business?

  • Extend your brand outside of the bar by allowing customers to search anywhere, any time-- and give them a reason to come back when they find a song they want to perform
  • Get more use out of your song books by reducing wear and tear
  • Upload new songs at any time, and let customers find them immediately-- no waiting to reprint or stuffing pages into existing books
  • Search by genre (including Duets & Musicals) allows your customers to find their favorite songs more easily