Don't have a Mobileoke account?

How much does it cost to use Mobileoke?

Using Mobileoke to find songs is completely free. If you're a karaoke bar or KJ host who is interesting in subscribing to Mobileoke, our subscription options and prices can be found here.

Why can't I find a song that I know my bar has?

First off, try searching by both the title and the artist.

If you still can't find the song, try shorter search term-- Instead of "Bridge Over Troubled Water," try just "Troubled Water" instead.

Keep in mind that slang might not come across in the system-- "goin" and "going" are two different things.

If you still aren't having any luck, you may need to talk to the host at your bar-- we get all our data from them, so if we don't have a song that your sure they have, it might be because it's in their karaoke system, but not their book.

Why can't I use my credit card with Mobileoke directly, instead of going through PayPal?

As a start up, we've chosen to put our effort into providing the best tools for putting your songbook online, rather than building and securing a payment system.

As we grow, we hope to eventually be able to take your credit card directly, but until we have the resources to make sure that's done safely, we're entrusting that to PayPal.

My file upload didn't work

1- Be sure that you're using the ZIP file format-- not RAR, Stuffit, 7Z, etc. We only support basic Zip.
2- Don't rename the original file before zipping it-- we're looking for the specific name of the file.
3- Don't put the file in a subdirectory in the ZIP file-- we expect the ZIP file to only contain your original song book file by itself.
4- Still having problems? Email us and we'll investigate.