Don't have a Mobileoke account?

When you sign up with Mobiloke, you are subscribing to our service. You can choose to be billed on a monthly or yearly basis.

There are three service tiers available: Basic, Standard, and Deluxe. All service levels provide the ability for you to upload your book, and for users to search for songs. Higher service levels provide additional features that improve the experience for your users.

Basic Standard Deluxe
Cost: $15/month
Your URL: With a basic account, you will appear as a subdirectory of the Mobiloke mobile site:
With a standard account, you will appear as a different machine in the Mobileoke domain:

This is less typing for your customers, and is easier to remember.

With a deluxe account, you can use any domain name that you already own.

This allows you to extend a URL that you've already promoted to your customers, and follows the current naming convention for mobile sites.

User Accounts: With a basic subscription, user accounts are unavailable.

Your customers will be able to search for songs, but they will not be able to save favorites or contribute genre information.

Your customers can create user accounts, save their favorite songs, contribute genre information, and rate songs.
Advertising: Mobileoke will run ads on your site. Mobileoke will not run ads on your site.

You have the option of running your own ads and collecting revenue.

Branding: All service levels allow you to upload your own logo, and select from a variety of color combinations for your mobile site.
Billing: Mobileoke currently uses PayPal to process your subscription fees. Your credit card will be automatically billed by PayPal at the start of each subscription period, and you can discontinue your subscription at any time on PayPal.